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Hi! I'm He-Man, the most powerful man in the universe.

This community is a virtual version of Castle Grayskull (the real one is being a pain right now - the trap door is loose and I keep falling through) for all my cool Earth friends to hang out in. If you are a cartoon character or superhero please join us. If you like cartoon characters and superheroes, and you don't smell or post quizzes about what POG you are, then you can join too.

I will be posting a lot of off-topic stuff I can't fit in my main journal, like the history of Eternia, Eternian flora and fauna, and funny drinking games that Man-At-Arms makes up. Once in a while we might look at some of "Mer-Man's Misheard Lyrics". Mostly this is a shameless self-promotion vehicle to sell toys for Mattel so I can get royalty checks. So come in, eat some Eternian sandwiches and feel free to expose yourself!

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